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Renaissance Naturalist

Resurrection and Rear Window

 RESURRECTION On NPR I listened to an interview with poet/author Jason Mott about his 2013 book The Returned. A new TV series, Resurrection, is based on the book and aired on ABC last night.  It is about people who come back from being dead, not vampires but...

GnomesVille The Farm

GnomesVille The Farm Dedication Poemby Dave Sutherland, Poet Laureate of GnomesVille01 September 2013GnomesvilleThis is a place where gnomes may gatherIn summer heat or winter weather.However far a gnome may roam;Any gnome may call this home.From mountains high to...

From the Jeep Blind

The orioles arrived earlier this week at the farm so I made 4 feeding stations for them with orange halves. One is on an old post that in the past supported a bird house. The raccoons toyed with the house pulling part of it down and left it hanging upside down. ...

EPHEMERAL ETHEREAL – the beauties of spring

On Sunday past I had the pleasure of being one of a hiking duo in Neale Woods. Actually, my daughter was the “hiking” and I was the “huffing” part of the duo! I love both the ravines and the ridges of the woods – but on some days an...

SNIPPETS – Yard Yarns and Ordinary Days

Ordinary days are made up of snippets of ordinary time. And when you measure ordinary time individually, you find a subtle mosaic of chaos and order that reflects the balance of life – and of a day.The yard at the farm offers wonderful opportunities to eyeball...

TWKBFTTA and more

It’s Sunday and I remember someone said that when we say we are talking to God – we are said to be praying – but when we say God is talking to us – we are said to be crazy.  But what if the conversation is between me, myself, and I?  Which...

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