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By Barbi Hayes


The Pink Full Moon arrives on April 16th.  Pink – not for its pale color – rather for the pink moss phlox that blooms in early spring.  This diminutive flowering ground cover provides valuable early season nectar for swallowtail butterflies, day flying sphinx moths and hummingbirds.



And Paschal Moon as it is the first full Moon AFTER the vernal equinox – which also sets the Sunday after as Easter.

But this is also the time of prepping and planting our gardens.  And your seeds will be more productive if you give them a boost by following the Moon.  The Moon’s gravitational pull causes affects moisture in the soil, just as it causes the tides to rise and fall.  More moisture is pulled toward the surface during the new moon and the full moon, resulting in greater germination.  This also determines which crops to plant under which phase of the Moon – annual flowers and plants that bear crops above-ground vs. perennial and bulbs, and plants that bear crops below-ground.  So don’t plant your tomatoes and carrots on the same day.  This month, April 25-26 would be excellent dates to plant your carrots, onions, and other below-ground crops.


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Update on Glacier Creek Wetland Bank construction

Everything is moving along splendidly. The diversion channel is now in place and allowing big machines to work inside the main channel of Glacier Creek down to the confluence with the Big Papillion.

We walked down the diversion channel to the lowest eastern point, all the while being surrounded by killdeer birds. They absolutely love open areas with ponding water such as construction sites.

With the ground scrapped bare, one notices how quickly it revegetates as every little mud crack was full of sprouts.

And every visit to the construction site includes having a chat with Sam, who on this day seemed like he would enjoy some company.



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History Questions

Last blog 22-8 question:

A crater on Venus bears her name. She was deeply committed to helping the weak and disadvantaged. She began nursing during the Civil War. Who is she?


She was known as “the angel of the battlefield” – Clara Barton



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