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Karen Klein

Light on Water: Windows into Nature


Karen Klein has been sharing her stellar photography with MoonRise since our earliest days, so we are thrilled to be hosting her upcoming solo photography exhibit.


From Karen-

I find my joy in seeing and photographing abstract design in nature. The patterns and textures and edges and juxtapositions fascinate me. I revel in the magic light creates – reflections, backlit glow, highlights and shadows.

My favorite photos are often touched by other-worldliness, where light and dark create an ethereal, pensive beauty. Photos that reveal a place of wonder and possibility, and reflection. My style relies on realism, with only minimal editing.

I want my art to inspire people to give their attention to the natural world around us; to look deeply, to foster curiosity and creativity. I want them to look and to wonder. How did this come to be? What process made this shape or pattern?

My interest in photography and nature as art began during my studies in Landscape Architecture. After a career in city planning I became a Nebraska Master Naturalist, where fellow naturalist photographers encouraged me to further pursue my own work.

Light on Water: Windows into Nature – Photography of Karen Kleign

November 3rd – December 31st
MoonRise Gallery 2812 N. Main Street, Elkhorn, NE 68022



Karen Klein Artist Talk

November 3, 2022

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