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Artistic energy on display by artists and artisans living and working in the Omaha area.

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Alissa Hansen

Alissa Hansen, a resident of Wahoo Nebraska, grew up in Overland Park, Kansas. In 2004, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with an emphasis in drawing, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In May of 2005 she moved to Denver and quickly fell in love with the area. After 13 years in Colorado, Alissa made the decision to move to Nebraska, with her husband and children, to be closer to family after her mother’s dementia diagnosis.

“Though my artwork goes through phases, I always find myself returning to the themes of place and human connection. I am interested in people and their stories, whether it is a relative, whose life I know intimately, or a stranger passing by. I am constantly scanning and observing my surroundings. Much of my art is a personal record of these observations – filtered through my own eyes, emotions, and imagination, of course. By drawing and painting these moments of pause, I’m allowed to linger with them a bit longer. I like to allow the viewer to personally connect with my art, while leaving room in my work for them to create their own narrative about the subject.”

Artist website https://www.alissahansen.com

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Ann McGill

“I was born and raised in Omaha, NE and moved to Waterloo, NE when I was 12. I’ve always loved art! When I was 16, I would hang out with Donna Golden the art teacher in Waterloo during summers, and I have attended painting classes with Joanie Furrow for years, painting with same group on Saturdays for decades.

One can tell immediately from my work that I love color. I mainly use acrylic to do underpainting and then finish each piece with oil. However, I like to experiment and use all different kinds of art mediums as well.

The subjects I am most drawn to are horses, wildlife, and landscapes, but I have done portraits as well.

Much of my family does art as well. My sisters were both artists. My children are all talented and enjoy art, including twin sons and my daughter who is an amazing designer and artist. Several of my nieces are off-the-charts incredibly talented artists,  and my father was a National Wildlife Master Woodcarver of ducks and birds, and was recognized on an international level. You might say that the artistic spirit runs in the family.”

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Aspen Polly Hansen

Aspen Polly Hansen, originally from Denver, has lived in Wahoo, Nebraska since 2019. Her favorite medium to work in is Prismacolor colored pencils, because of their bold color, smooth texture, and precision. She is inspired by realism and enjoys watching tutorials to learn techniques from other artists. She has received multiple commissions from people wanting portraits of their pets. At 14 years old, she is saving money for college with future plans to study art and archeology. She devotes hours each week to practicing and improving her drawing skills. “I love art” she says, “I have as long as I can remember. My mom is an artist, so naturally, I’ve grown up doing art and being creative. Art is a part of me and my life. If someone were to tell me to stop doing art, it would be like telling me to stop breathing. It brings me and others joy and that is why I love it.”

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Aspen Laboy

“Omaha, Nebraska is where I was born, raised, and currently reside. My roots come from a Black/Puerto Rican background and I was gifted with creative drive and talent from both of my parents. I grew up watching my father run his own business as a barber for twenty years. He also enjoys the art of cooking, cake making, and cake decorating. My mother has always loved arts and crafts, such as drawing, painting, jewelry making, product design, and still creates for friends and family to this day.

The work I do manifests in many forms such as poetry, music, and a variety of visual arts. I started writing poetry in high school as a coping skill to express and reflect on my thoughts and emotions. Over the years, as my consciousness and writing developed, I decided to publish a book and enroll in college to expand my knowledge on the subject. Spirit was published in 2017, followed by The Quiet Lion that was published in 2018. Currently, there is another book in the making that will be published sometime in 2021.

Aside from my poetry, I also sculpt with broken glass to create mosaic pieces. I enjoy using glass as my primary medium because it reduces the amount of waste for our planet, it forces my brain to create in a different perspective, and it proves the fact that nothing is ever truly destroyed, it is only recreated.

Film and photography are other forms of art that I enjoy because capturing moments in time preserves the past. My iPhone and disposable cameras are my top choices to take photos with. On occasion I create short films based off of poems I write, hence portraying the concept of the poem through the scenes of the film. Majority of the images I design are inspired by nature. Nature helps me stay grounded and reminds me that I too am a part of this beautiful cycle of life and death. It is forever changing, and so am I.”

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Bill Hoover

Bill Hoover’s art is a dynamic synthesis of both his interior and exterior worlds. Using oil paint, charcoal, graphite, and textures like sand, he builds up his paintings using shapes, colors both muted and bright, and texture till he arrives at a place that is fresh, unpredictable, and meditative.

His work is widely collected throughout the United States and is featured in many private collections.

Artist website http://billhooverart.com

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Bill Kabourek

Bill Kabourek is a snowbird who paints in Florida and the Omaha area. His oil paintings bring together sky, water, and prairie elements along with, occasionally, a misplaced palm or improbably coloration. While not abstract or impressionistic, Bill’s work avoids the preciseness that was required in his successful business career.

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Becky Kinloch

I grew up on a farm outside of Malvern, Iowa. Graduated from college with a degree in art education with an emphasis in ceramics, painting, and drawing. I taught art at Papillion Junior High for thirty-eight years. I currently lead art workshops, make wheel thrown pottery, take photographs, garden, and make some art.

Art is everywhere. The images are already here. Painting is allowing the fleeting to become visible through color, technique, and style. Through creating we come to appreciate the richness and the possibilities of the images in a world that surrounds us.

I paint subjects that interest me and challenge what I think I know and see. I try to expand my skills by exploring media in and out of my comfort zone. I often say- “Why not?”

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Cherine Bishara

Cherine Bishara lives in Omaha, NE. Born in Iowa City, she attended the University of Iowa and received a BFA with an emphases in ceramics, printmaking, and a certification in art education. Cherine has diverse life, work, and personal experience. Her art is a reflection of her processing of those experiences and whatever else may land outside of her head.

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Chris Machian

Chris Machian was born in the diverse, working class community of South Omaha in Nebraska. Rather than receiving an allowance, Machian managed a paper route at age 10, teaching him the value of hard work. The after-school job also launched Machian’s love affair with the news. As a child he often read more than just the comics in the Omaha World-Herald, where he would later become a staff photographer. He attended college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where soon his work started appearing in USA Today and the Sporting News.

Later he earned Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is a licensed drone pilot.

Now Machian’s word be seen in Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post and even the front page of the New York Times. His style is one of accurate representation with little disruption.

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Elisabeth Percival

ElisabethSpace Jewelry

Elisabeth is a full-time silversmith who works from her home studio in Dundee Omaha. She creates designs based on her own tastes and whims, so everything made by her is something she herself would happily wear. Inspiration can come from almost anywhere – a pattern in a sidewalk, the way the greens in a stretch of prairie grass change and blend together as they sway in the breeze, perfect geometric shapes, the blue in a piece of turquoise, the facet on a ruby, the stone alongside a train track…the world is full of various beauty and her jewelry is a mish-mash of styles that reflect that.
All the sawing of sheet metal, filing of edges, soldering of seams, designing with stones, bending of earwires, hammering of silver, etc, it’s all done with her own 2 hands and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Minimalist, easy-to-wear everyday designs are her go-to pieces, but she relishes when she has enough time to create one of a kind works with large, gorgeous stones. When she has access to a metal castings studio (once again when covid is no longer an everyday concern), Elisabeth delights in creating jewelry pieces made using local plants that she casts and transforms into sterling silver beauties that will last forever using lost wax casting techniques.

Her 2 cats (Felix and Scully would say hi, but they’re cats so they’re either hiding or rubbing their face against your leg) wander in and out of her studio throughout the day, happily swatting stones and silver bits off the workbench when Elisabeth isn’t looking.

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Jeffrey Mack

A great challenge for landscape photographers is how to convey the scale and emotional impact of a scene. Having been a diabetic nearly all my life, hiking itself sometimes presents another hurdle. Years ago, while taking a break from the studio and going for a hike, I came upon a beautiful vista. As I got there, my blood sugar had dropped unexpectedly, and the hypoglycemia created a powerful and emotional experience. The sight touched me, and as I tended to my blood sugar, I continued to be amazed at nature’s beauty.

Once I had returned to a safe blood sugar, I took out my camera and snapped a few photos to capture the moment. Back in the studio later, I looked at the photos, and while they were well executed, they didn’t convey the visceral awe that I felt when I was there.

It was a while until I discovered infrared photography. As I explored the meda, I started to see these images with surreal color and contrast. Everything was recognisable, but the glowing white of vegetation and the high contrast added what I had been missing. They had emotion and weight. It reminded me of the scene I had seen earlier with low blood sugar.

My photography is about communicating the awesome feeling of connecting with nature in a way that conveys the emotion and wonder I feel observing the world around us.

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Jim Pattavina

Jim Pattavina is a native Omahan who was raised in New Jersey. A former surfer and downhill mountain bike racer, he still thrives in the cycling industry working out of his home. His surf board is dry-docked waiting for just the right wave in the metro area. He also plays the guitar, restores vintage cars, and creates art with paint and metal. His Spoon Flowers were inspired by a story of long distance love where the exchange of spoons across continents brought two people together. Bring them into your home/garden and celebrate the nature of love while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

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Maribel Pribyl

Mother of two, wife of fifteen years, a staff accountant to an emerging local commercial construction company.

Overall I enjoy being creative and applying it to all aspects of my life. As for art, I was drawn to reconnect with a childhood excitement and reacquainted myself with pastels. With a sparked curiosity and an abundance of support; I created multiple projects with a variety of mediums and methods. Trying to practice patience through several learning curves, I have yet to claim a favorite medium, style, or even a chosen outlet. One constantly compelling characteristic I try to portray, is the perspective I feel in comparison to the experiences of my reality. If we in life are actors on a stage; I want to share my appreciation for the back drop as it unfolds.

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Megan Thomas

Megan is an Omaha native, and studied at the University of Nebraska in Omaha to earn her BA in Studio Art in 2005. She works with oil and acrylic paints, and her painting style can range from dream-like airiness to structured and tight, and often is a combination of both. She relies heavily on intuition as well as the foundational teachings of the practice.

Megan’s paintings are greatly inspired by the inner and outer landscapes of her experiences. She has a strong desire to translate the things that she sees in life, and subsequently intends to express the inner emotions that can come with that imagery. Her objective is to pull the subtlety out of the obvious, to mark the smaller and quieter spaces that live within the large ones.

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Nathaniel Ruleaux

Hi, I’m Nathaniel Ruleaux. I’m an artist currently located on the unceded land of the Umónhon & the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ in Nebraska.

I like to paint and draw with whatever materials I have on hand. Those usually include inks, acrylics, pastels, watercolors and spray paint on watercolor paper and canvas.

I also enjoy carving on wood and lino blocks to create original prints in my home studio. 

My work is an expression of my combined anger at our nation, a love of the people and the land, and dreams of what kind of world I want my child to grow up in.  

I’m a member of the Oglala Lakota Nation. I often use bison as a symbol of the Lakota spirit, the power of our endangered natural world, and a righteous, powerful force for what America should be. I regularly combine other traditional Native images, like the ones used by my grandfather Donald D. Ruleaux, with images of current issues facing indigenous peoples and the world today. 

In addition to creating visual art, I’m also a classically trained actor. I received my MFA in Theatre from the University of Houston’s School of Theatre and Dance after I finished my BA in Theatre Performance at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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Peggy Krist

Peggy Krist has a talent for expressing the beauty occurring in our natural world that moves our senses to feel the interconnectedness we all share with the Earth and all within it. Whether it be a simple pair of cardinals gracing her backyard or a moonlit landscape of majestic mountains, Peggy captures the feeling of that moment so gracefully with her oils and canvas.

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Peter Jessen

Dr. Peter Jessen is a local dentist who shares his down time in the wild. As a hunter he makes his own arrows from Eastern Red Cedar and turkey feathers specific to the hunt. As a fisherman he ties his own flies specific to the catch. To make the best flies and arrows, Pete has become a natural ecologist to better understand the wild places he goes to.

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Tafadzwa Ndoda

Tafadzwa (TG) Ndoda was born and raised in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe where he discovered his love for drawing. He moved to the United States in 2000 to study fine art at Bellevue University. He has lived in Omaha and the surrounding areas since. TG has taught art in after school programs and currently runs the weekly life drawing group out of the Hot Shops Art Center.

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Trilety Wade

Trilety Wade works in watercolor, digital photography, and the written word. Portraits and moody landscapes are the subject matter she is most drawn to in her photography, while the body and subtle fantasy is the subject matter that most often emerges in her watercolors. The camera and the brush serve as her poetic pen when she encounters writer’s block.

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