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Art for the ear- original music from Omaha area musicians and bands

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Black Squirrels

Black Squirrels embody many styles from the rich tradition of American country music. A premium is placed on strong, original songs whether it’s a four-to-the-floor barnburner, or a gently swaying waltz. City–but not slick. Country–but not hick. A blend of country, bluegrass, honky tonk, and folk.

CDs available for purchase at the gallery or online

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell is a humor writer and musician. Of Mice and Me, Campbell’s 2017 collection of humor essays, is now available in print and eBook editions, as is his previous book, Are You Going To Eat That? His “Dumpster” column closes every issue of Food & Spirits magazine. Campbell also has four albums of original songs. The 2015 album My Turn Now includes a title track with a hilarious cameo by former game show host Richard Dawson.

CDs available for purchase at the gallery or online

Fizzle Like a Flood

The brainchild of bedroom symphony conductor Doug Kabourek, Fizzle Like a Flood crafts elaborately layered indie pop opuses. Having previously drummed for Matchbook Shannon, Kabourek eventually found his own company preferable to a band setting and started his tenure as mastermind behind the similarly singular Laces, releasing two full-length albums of emo-pop. Kabourek again went the solo route with the release of Golden Sand and the Grand Stand, a painstakingly constructed concept album, rife with various collected sound effects and multi-tracked production, released in 2000 on the Unread label. Though largely without collaborators, Kabourek nonetheless occasionally takes the stage in his native Omaha, NE, performing substantially stripped-down versions of his songs. (allmusic.com)

CDs available for purchase at the gallery or online

Frederick Julius

Frederick Julius is underground, lo-fi pop music that conjures the vital sound of early Beach Boys records with lyrics that are visual experiments in the surreal. Each title in the ever-growing Frederick Julius catalogue is written and recorded by Matt Geiler in his sleepy bedroom studio, dubbed The Wonder Room, in Los Angeles, CA.

CDs available for purchase at the gallery or online

The Pink Flamingos

Featuring elements of Americana, 60’s Pop, and vintage Country. The Pink Flamingos craft original songs which leave you at a place that seems strangely familiar, yet you’ll swear that you’ve never been here before.

CDs available for purchase at the gallery or online

Township & Range

Simply put- Rural music. Barn burners to waltzes to murder ballads. Township & Range is are no longer active, but we appreciate the music they made in their time.

CDs available for purchase at the gallery or online

Matt Whipkey

Matt Whipkey is right where he was always headed. Prolifically and independently releasing nearly a dozen albums in as many years, Whipkey is making good on the bets placed on him. Lazy-I’s Tim McMahan predicted, “Whipkey was born for the arena whether he ever makes it there or not.” With a slew of supporting dates the last two years for music icon Dwight Yoakam and rock legends Heart, Whipkey’s commanded the big stage. Rock NYC’s Iman Lababedi boldly claimed, “Matt Whipkey is the future of rock and roll,” At 36 years old, Whipkey has seen the top with no intent of closing his eyes.

Whipkey’s unabashedly Americana-tinged rock n’ roll recalls the recklessness of “Let it Be” era Replacements with the resolve of “Darkness..” era Bruce Springsteen. However, the energy, showmanship and rock and roll would be in vain if not for Whipkey’s top tier songwriting. With 2017’s and 2018’s new releases, “Best New Music” and “Driver”, Whipkey doubles down on his rightful place amongst the nation’s top storytellers.

Albums on vinyl available for purchase at the gallery or online

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