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Renaissance Naturalist

conflicting species

conflicting species

Working in the north garden bed at the farm can some evenings provide interesting examples of overlapping boundaries.  A few evenings ago, I looked up from the beans and saw the turkeys heading for the bird feeding area next to the garden.  Lots of black oil seed...


BY THE NUMBERS – BTN -in Nebraska, every 25 miles traveled west receives 1-inch less of rain -in 1830 when Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy captained his ship, the Beagle, through the Magellan Straits of South America, fewer than 1.2 billion people inhabited Earth....

great horned owlets at GCP April 2020

adult owl watches over fluffy owlets in nest owlet trying out flight wings but ended up on tree stump maturing owlets at dusk owlet day before they fledged and moved on to new quarters
Birds – birds – and Birds

Birds – birds – and Birds

It’s April – it’s weird weather – and it’s migration time. Ring-billed gulls attacking grader… Ring-billed gulls WIN! Great Horned with fluff baby Yellow-headed blackbirds Eastern towhee pushed in by freak snow Red Fox Sparrows...

Monarchs ready for MigrationThe monarchs are hanging like leaves in evening light at GCP – swarming and waiting for those perfect conditions – sunlight and a north wind – time to ride the thermals … 

Back to blogging – snowflakes – african violets – first pages of books Apparently, 2015 was not a good year to write…but today is 2016 and it is a good day to write… Needle Snowflakes from 28 December 2015 snowfall – collected at...

Resurrection and Rear Window

 RESURRECTION On NPR I listened to an interview with poet/author Jason Mott about his 2013 book The Returned. A new TV series, Resurrection, is based on the book and aired on ABC last night.  It is about people who come back from being dead, not vampires but...

GnomesVille The Farm

GnomesVille The Farm Dedication Poemby Dave Sutherland, Poet Laureate of GnomesVille01 September 2013GnomesvilleThis is a place where gnomes may gatherIn summer heat or winter weather.However far a gnome may roam;Any gnome may call this home.From mountains high to...

From the Jeep Blind

The orioles arrived earlier this week at the farm so I made 4 feeding stations for them with orange halves. One is on an old post that in the past supported a bird house. The raccoons toyed with the house pulling part of it down and left it hanging upside down. ...

EPHEMERAL ETHEREAL – the beauties of spring

On Sunday past I had the pleasure of being one of a hiking duo in Neale Woods. Actually, my daughter was the “hiking” and I was the “huffing” part of the duo! I love both the ravines and the ridges of the woods – but on some days an...

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