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GnomesVille The Farm Dedication Poem
by Dave Sutherland, Poet Laureate of GnomesVille
01 September 2013


This is a place where gnomes may gather
In summer heat or winter weather.
However far a gnome may roam;
Any gnome may call this home.
From mountains high to desert sands,
We welcome gnomes from many lands.

Gnomes are small creatures, full of mirth,
Guardians of treasures in the earth.
Although they often live in holes,
They are not hobbits, elves, or trolls.

Gathered here, among the trees,
The gnomes will do exactly as they please.
They’re gentle folk; they have no guns,
They’ll arm themselves with gnomely puns
Like “only the gnomely” and “no place like gnome,”
These gnomes will make themselves at home.

They’ll crow with glee at every joke
And lounge and sing and have a smoke.
In pointed hats, with laughter hearty,
They’ll welcome new gnomes to the party.

And so Lady G prepares DS the Poet – fashioning his toga in the kitchen chambers.

DS the Poet ready for the procession – in full garb with “laurel” wreath, toga, and Gnomette Laureate
Bubble Procession
Reciting of the Dedication Poem
Welcome the new residents

Gnomette Laureate

RK with mushroom lover

LW with Headlamper

Headlamper at night!

inside-home gnome and fairy box

Hith (hole in the hat) Gnome

Giah (gnome in a hole) Gnome with friends

CK with the most important Gnome GUARD (ok…he just thinks he’s a gnome – the Guard I mean)
And now everyone seems to be settling in to the new digs – a good day was had by all!

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